Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Welcome to the Guess My Word blog. This is a place to discuss the words of the day chosen by Joon and Mike. This paragraph is here mostly as spoiler space. Here are today's words:

mike's word: squirrel
joon's word: elephantine



  1. I played this with my math class on thursday, but we got the clues and answers for Wednesday's words. I only noticed this because for the second word, we had clues (and even guessed elephantine) but when we gave up, the answer was ribald. We guessed squirrel for the other word.

  2. the words change every day right at 9 am (eastern), so if you start a game just before 9 then the answer might silently change during the game. this is a known issue, and i'm sorry i've never gotten around to handling this more elegantly.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. That is exactly when we were playing.