Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Welcome to the Guess My Word blog. This is a place to discuss the words of the day chosen by Joon and Mike. This paragraph is here mostly as spoiler space. Here are today's words:

mike's word: lambent
joon's word: screed



  1. A little trouble today coming up with alphabet letters between point a and point b, so to speak. Good grief, and Charlie Brown would say.

  2. Today's 12/1.20 on Mike's word was a classic accidental success while probing. I'll take it; a win is a win is a win.
    [Perhaps off topic] When the overall leaderboard went up, my attempts average was 15.22 and I was #50 in the listing. Since then my attempts average has only fluctuated between 15.20 and 15.22, but now I'm #57 in the listing.
    I hate it when other people get smarter while I'm standing still...

  3. Maybe next time Joon's word will be screwworm!

    Find it intriguing how some words are easy guesses for most, and others, like Mike's take most people an above average number of guesses...

    1. this is not a word in my vocabulary. i am not really even sure how i got it at all. in fact my last several guesses were things that i didn't know were words (lambed, lambert, lambdoid, lambent).

  4. This has not been my day in several ways, and my performance here today falls right into line with that. I gave up on Joon's word after 25 guesses to keep from tanking my already miserable standing in the overall leaderboard, and it took me far too long to come up with Mike's word. Par for the course for me today, I'd say...