Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Welcome to the Guess My Word blog. This is a place to discuss the words of the day chosen by Joon and Mike. This paragraph is here mostly as spoiler space. Here are today's words:
mike's word: pachinko
joon's word: pancreas

edit: i think there was some sort of server malfunction this morning that caused GMW not to reset. sorry about that. it's up now as of 3 pm eastern.


  1. I guess that's the only way I will ever take first place, however briefly!

  2. Makes one so much more appreciative when something is taken away! Joni Mitchell said it better!

    Didn't know Mike's word: had it between pacesetter and pachisi. Was quite confident when I entered pachyderm though! Also tried pachycephalosaurus, but it was longer than the maximum in any case!

    Also didn't know the word pabulum, which many guessed for joon's word! Nice vocabulary nugget that!

  3. I think pachinko is some kind of arcade game, but it was a desperation guess and a big surprise when I hit it! (It's underlined in red here.)

    I guessed 'pablum' and wonder if 'pabulum' is an alternate spelling, as neither is underlined.

    1. according to my new oxford american, yes, pabulum is an alternate spelling of pablum. i'm familiar with the original word but not the variant.

    2. I think the word pabulum came first. Then (in the 30s? 40s?) a company marketed a baby cereal and called it Pablum. Yum.

  4. And now we're stuck on Yesterday! The gremlins are in Joon's computer!