Thursday, May 3, 2012


Welcome to the Guess My Word blog. This is a place to discuss the words of the day chosen by Joon and Mike. This paragraph is here mostly as spoiler space. Here are today's words:

mike's word: bulghur
joon's word: fuselage



  1. Hmm. I had Mike's word, but with a different spelling. Guessed some more, then gave up. Clicked the hot link to MW -- seems they don't spell it that way either. Oh whell.

  2. I'm not sure how I feel about Mike's less common alternate spelling--I gave up because I had eliminated "bulgar" as not fitting between "bulges" and "bulging." I suppose alternate spellings like "bulghur" are fair game, but when they are spellings that I'm not familiar with, they are likely to completely baffle me. And it definitely lowers the fun quotient of the game.

  3. I used to make a bread using bulghur wheat (which this spell-check is underlining in red) but I agree that 'bulgar' is much more common now. But after failing to come up with fuselage-duh- I needed a boost.

  4. i tried bulgur first. didn't think of bulgar, but perhaps it was because i had already narrowed it down to after bulge.

    also, i'm appalled/chagrined that my dictionary does not contain either bulgogi or bulgoki.

  5. Was I the only one who, on Joon's word, took the opportunity to try fylfot?

    1. i expect so, yes. although i used swashbuckling back in the day, and mike has used swarthy, both with predictable results.

  6. Yes, Gareth, you were. And don't try that again!