Saturday, April 21, 2012

New feature: Overall leaderboard

some of you have noticed already, but there is a new feature at GMW: an overall leaderboard, sorted by # of guesses or by time. it's only for people who have used the same name on the leaderboard at least 100 times, so it's not entirely accurate; certainly there are those who change their name on the leaderboard often as a way of making pithy comments about the day's word, or their performance, or for whatever reason. but anyway, there it is.

interestingly, there are (as of today) 169 solvers who have played GMW at least 100 times under the same name. that's a lot! thank you all for your continued support. the overall leader in # of (successful) plays is Jon88 with 1098. he's the only player in quadruple digits, in fact. way to go, jon!

1 comment:

  1. How cool! I guess I need to stop adding 'Sheesh!' to my name when I have struggled... and I guess it ruins one's time when The Offspring call during the solve, too. Strict!

    That's a lot of dedicated solvers! Congratulations to Joon and Mike.